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Meikle Bin in the snow Dec 2017

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:49 pm
by Will C
Stared of from a small cross roads on a farm road north from the village of Queenzieburn. There is a road sign at the cross roads that points up hill saying " Birkenburn Reservoir 1-3/4 mile " better know as Jonny's Dam. It is a long easy well prepared access road to the Dam, after Jonny's Dam you fallow a fence line up to the Carron Valley Fo[url][/url]rest tree line where you head west for 1km till you reach an opening in the trees. You head down hill for 200m before heading up hill through the trees again for another 200m. Coming out of the trees you are now on the open hill side of The Meikle Bin from hear you head north up hill for about 800m to the trig point summit of The Meikle Bin. See attached link to a short video and some drone footage of the day out.