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Phew, no cows!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:53 pm
by KatTai
Picked out Kerlock for a New Years Day walk, then this morning decided to read some previous trip reports several of which mentioned cows. Don't like walking where there are cows, so switched plan to Clachnaben (an old favourite) only for the car park to be full to bursting. So decided to drive round to Kerlock anyway and see what it was like round there. The road provides a decent view over the fields, and there was no sign of cows. Phew, we had a walk to do!


There was no sign on the gate about cattle being in the fields, just warning about model aircraft but there was no one out with those either. Most of the walk is on a good track making for quick progress. There was only the occasional indication that cows have been present, but I don't think too recently. We soon reached the start of the forest and followed the track through the woods. It wasn't the most eventful walk and wasn't complicated, the most complicated it got was having to take the right fork really. On the eroded track it was a bit icy in places and the track became icier the higher up we went but it was easy enough to avoid the ice for the most part.


We turned off the first track to take the direct route to the summit. Moss spotted the summit cairn and ran straight for it, she seems to realise that these piles of rocks hole some significance on our walks :lol:


She soon spotted the trig point though, and headed across to that for her summit photo.


I decided to put on my spikes for the descent, they weren't strictly needed but I'm getting a bit fed up of having them and not getting to use them :lol: It did make going downhill easier though. We took the easier descent route down to the main track and it was simply a case of retracing our route back down the hill again!