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Anyone lost a sock?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:52 pm
by KatTai
Weather not looking so good today, but still when looking at Kerlock yesterday I saw there was another hill nearby. Forestry track right the way up, sounds ideal! Dogs need a walk whatever the weather! And this was a simple, uncomplicated walk aside from a few stretches of ice to negotiate. It isn't the most exciting of walks, but there was some entertainment when Moss appeared carrying something grey in her mouth. On closer inspection it turned out to be a sock! Which was carried for a fair stretch of the walk and proved to be an entertaining toy for a while until it was abandoned in favour of a stick. At the summit the snow started to fall so there were no views to be had though we wandered over to the other cairn anyway before heading back down.

My sock...

At the summit


Playtime in the snow