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They're Ochilly versatile

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:18 pm
by SpamFritter
Took a little run out to the Ochills on Sunday. The forecast was set to be a bit overcast and cloudy, so I didn't fancy tackling any high tops. I'd seen Big/Little Torry and Craig Leith from the main road, and they always looks impenetrable. However, the Cicerone guide included them in a walk involving Bengengie Hill so decided to go for it.

I parked up at Alva Glen, and set of up the well-made path. I'd forgotten how much of a popular walk this was and the Glen was quite busy. It's really pretty up there, with waterfalls flowing through the precipitous gorge.

Past the zig-zags, I struck out onto the path going along the side of Little Torry and began the climb. It was fairly hard going and steep, and I used a few sheep trails on the way up. I think you can ascend via a gully between Big and Little Torry but I stuck mainly to the shoulder of Little Torry. I was quite glad to hit the summit, and continue on to Big Torry.

From here, it was an easy broad ridge, following a clear ATV track to Bengengie Hill. Bengengie Hill actually turned out to be an interesting little summit, comprising of a tor, with craggy outcrops. There are actually a few spots to practice your scrambling - almost unheard of for the Ochils! I sat for a good half an hour eating my lunch and enjoying the peace. There was hardly any wind - a Brucie bonus at the moment anyway!

From Bengengie, it was a short, sharp bum-sliding descent down to a sheep pen, where you can pick up a good landrover track along the side of Craighorn, back to the south face of the Nebit. From here, a faint path at the zig-zag tracks will take you back to Alva Glen.

One of the things I really like about going a bit off-piste at the Ochils is the solitude and peace. Outwith Alva Glen, I didn't see another soul all day. I think this might just be my new favourite Ochils walk.