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Cairn-Mon-Earn, Durris Forrest

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:01 pm
by J4MRU
I knew it was going to be a reasonable day by checking the forecast during the week and I had initially planned on doing Clachnaben, but my family had decided to tag along for this one so we decided to try something smaller and decided that a forest walk would be better. Cairn-Mon-Earn was on my to-do list anyway as it is close and looked like decent practice for me in doing more walking this year. We got a really nice day and although it was a bit misty higher up, it was nice and sunny.

What is this??? It's been a while!!

Some of the family.

Cairn-Mon-Earn is a lovely walk through a wooded area with exposed views when you reach the top.

This hill is deceiving and although it's not bad, it is certainly no slouch and is quite long and quite steep in areas especially for the unfit (me) and there are some parts around 2/3 of the way up that is quite eroded - this did not help me as I got lumbered with the buggy (my sisters baby) on the way up! I wasn't complaining as I need the exercise, but it wasn't easy with the state of the path in places.

Even on a slightly misty day, there are brilliant views! It was a nice day, just a little misty.

I think this is the view towards Mundernal (324m) but not from the summit.

View from Summit

Another view from summit.

There are no dog bins but there was dog bags (full) left lying at the gates and some even discarded around the trail. I am not sure if this is something you do when you have dogs or not but I found it a bit odd bagging the poop and leaving it bagged for people to walk by at the entrance gate.

There is a small parking area which was empty upon arrival at 11.30am, but was full when we returned to the car. It was slightly boggy but no issues with ingress or egress.