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No Highland, No walk

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:42 pm
by weedavie
..and why? Because it's not in the Highlands and I did it by bike. I operate as a roady for an endurance horse, which often means going round the course laden with water but that skill wasn't needed this day so I looked for a suitable hill. Wester Dod was close to hand but didn't seem to be a Marilyn. In fact it was disqualified by Spartleton, about five miles away and I'd only a three hour gap to fill. About 25 years ago I tied to climb Spartleton but didn't. I can't remember why - lost interest probably. It's not too amazing from the Whiteadder (local pronounciation Whit-a-dir) side.

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However since then the invasion of the windfarms had taken place and there seemed to be a network of tracks that would let me cycle there. So I left the place of horses.
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There was a regular network of roads and a lot more up and down than I'd thought. Some of the surfaces were shocking and I was looking at the warning decal on my hybrid bike that said this'll fall apart on crappy roads. With 28" tyres you've got to inflate them really hard or you'll get pinch punctures. On the other hand hard tyres give you white fingers and blurred vision.

Now there were miles of turbines.
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I've not seen windfarms like this away from the south coast of Spain and I was struck by the inequity. If someone suggested doing this to a Munro, say Tolmount, a'Bhuidheanach Bheag or Carn Sgulain, there would be uproar. Myself, I'd argue that each of these would be significantly improved by this sort of decoration. Instead the Lammermuirs are just there for the taking. I mean I could now see the the undistinguished top of Spartleton. It's still prettier than the three Munros I've mentioned and the area is more interesting and of greater historical significance.
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And so to the top.
summit 690.jpg

I took an easier return with the wind and slope behind me to Thurston Mains, then battled up the wind tunnel to Aikengall, just in time to see my team vetting. Another Marilyn in the bag - maybe 700 to go.
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