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Ben Nevis

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 10:35 pm
by Conquer the climb
Arrived at carpark near the pub ,got the gear out and headed into the path which is known as the pony track or tourist trail ,kept soldiering onward and upward on a fairly decent day ,arrived at the bridge and kept going til we got to the halfway waterfall where we stopped for some water and fruit ,people were coming down absolutely drenched so decided to get the waterproofs and thermals out ,after a half hour stop we headed upward where the mist came with the hard heavy rain and ferocious winds it was getting very severe by the time we got to around 3,200ft approx .any way we continued up further til we got to the cairn leading up to the summit in minus 9 conditions ,made it to the summit safely ,had some lunch and refreshments and prepped for our mighty decend ,people still coming up as we headed down to the waterfall for a brew .got out of our waterproofs and headed to Basecamp down the long winding path and steps . Was a brilliant day out trekking will do it again .