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Benderloch calling

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 10:02 pm
by Benaden887
Benderloch calling 17.3km 1450m 8h 19/05/2018
Mam Hael Beinn Molurgainn Beinn Mheadhonach

This w/e forecast being good, I `m heading to Connel Bridge to do these Benderloch Grahams. Some 2.5h later in Gleann Salach I squeeze in beside a smart looking camper van at NM985367 and gear up. I go thro a gate to follow a ATV track uphill, until I realise that it drops towards the Esragan glen. A compass check puts me back on course and soon hill and crags rise from the rough ground. Locate the lochan to follow a dry watercourse up thro crags to the large cairn of Beinn Bhreac @708m. Rest here. Great views over the Cruachan hills, lochs and glens. I munch a roll and drink. Being the OS coverage of this Graham trio requires 3 separate maps, I pull out and view my A4 printed map pages, c/o WalkHighlands. The large lump in the distance I thought was my top, turns out to be the Corbett of Creach Beinn. I look over my proposed route, hmm - It looks a fair distance, I have to remind myself that Id walked as much over my Inchree outing. My way winds down across a lochan area then up rock for the true summit @726m. The gully on Creach Beinn looks awesome. A further km, then a quick down an up shows the cairn of Beinn Molurgainn @690m. A man and woman appear wearer trainers having just done the Corbett. I’m impressed, a brief chat as we consider the route to the last graham. My intention had been - to bypass all of Meall Dearc tops by crossing the Eas a` Chrinlet coire @ NN015386 - the basin and skirt the crags on the 400mtr contour before catching the outflow of lochan Bealach Carra. Being I was moving slower than Id like, I knew they would pull me along so hung onto their slipstream as we shorted my route by climbing a corner of Meall Dearc before dropping to the lochan. The long 280mt climb to the top of BeinnMheadonach was tiresome but we all made it to the top @715m as did another walker who just arrived. A bite and swallow then goodbyes as my shepherds left to pick up Beinn Durinnis. The new guy and I headed for point 619m. Where he, seeing a track heading N in the glen below also waved goodbye.
I followed the SMC route – purely to see how long it would actually take me.
Drop to point 387m, a wee cairn, then steep grass, and thro two fields to reach the road. A long walk uphill was lessened by a lift from my later walk mate who kindly picked me up and ran me back to my car.
All in an excellent day, most folk I`ve seen on my hill this year.
Seen en route – 3folk Deer sheep bird’s frogs lizards.
Nice area complete with a bus route.
Glad to clear this wee corner of my map.