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8pm or you never see civilisation again

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:02 pm
by Coop
Had a wonderful peaceful quiet nights sleep in the car dreaming of the delights of the opening of the gates ceremony at 0900.
( Poetic licence is wonderful)
Up at 0630 Laura and her dog Ginny appeared from their camper van a little later. Said Hellos and let her get sorted. Our other walking partner Gail appeared shortly before 9. That was the walking party for the day all complete and sorted.
9am arrived, the keeper of the keys arrived and duly noted my car and handed me a slip of paper with my exit instructions on it.
I tried the age old art of conversation- and failed.
3 words " out by eight"
And so it begun.
Down the Glen and Laura's nice camper van left at the finish point- everyone in my car and down to the start point. Walking at 0950.
The WH route suffices from here.
Got to a point between Carn nan Gobhar and Sgurr a Choire Ghlais and thunder was heard. A little rain and jackets went on, then they came back off, then back on later.

As the good book says - Rather than bypass - The ascent up to the summit of Creag Ghorm a'Bhealaich is worth it for the views. On to no.4; Sgurr Fhuar Thuill and the cloud came in and stayed. It was a daddy long leg infestation on the cairn and we waited about 10 minutes but it wasn't clearing.
Along and down the good stalkers path to the lochan and a decent track past the waterfalls/slabs where our transport awaited.
Cheers go to the gatekeeper as she gave me a smile upon exit when I told her she had a nice back yard.
And cheers to Laura and Gail. Excellent day and great company. Hopefully meet up you again sometime
2 cars helped with this and save a fair walk at the end.


Re: 8pm or you never see civilisation again

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:06 pm
by gld73
Really enjoyed the walk, thanks for the good company :D