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Warm, very warm!!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:09 pm
by emmseegee
The original plan was to set off from the car park and follow the route downloaded from this website to take in Beinn Ime and Narnain but it quickly became evident that we may change our plan. We started at around mid day and the sun was out in full force, without a doubt the warmest day I can remember for many years.

The winding paths at the beginning never get easier and can easily break many peoples spirits before they even start to see the great views above. I have struggled these on many occasions for The Cobbler and Narnain in the past and today was more intense than ever due to the heat. We stopped in the shade when the opportunities arose and noticed the sweat soaked t-shirts of those already on their way back down. Water was already running low by the time we came to the small dam at the end of the winding paths so we took the opportunity to refill whilst we had it and over indulged in the cold flowing water now at our disposal.

Having mainly walked the Cobbler when using these paths it felt strange walking up in between the hills and beyond the back stairs which I have used so many times before but Beinn Ime was the first target. With no clouds in the sky and the sun beating down relentlessly, it would be hard to imagine a better day for photographs and good visibility.

The walk up to Beinn Ime was still boggy at sections even with the recent dry spell we have had, I could imagine this being quite messy during poorer conditions and as we made our way up it was difficult to determine wether we were walking on a dried up stream or an actual path but we continued our progress. The final approach was pretty straight forward but the sun had taken its toll and energy levels were low. There was a few ‘false peaks’ which could be deceiving in poorer visibility but on this occasion we could see as far as my optical express enhanced laser eyeballs would allow.

Whilst at the top my mate took his time taking photos for his Instagram page (ML5Photo) and I stripped off the shirt allowing my ever inflating torso to catch some sunshine. We decided at this point that we would skip Narnain on this occasion and get back as soon as possible to rest from the strangely brutal Scottish Sunshine. The return was straight forward and a good end to what was a great day overall.

I would take the hailstones on Ben Macdui last week any time before that sun! (I will regret saying that soon no doubt)

Safe and happy travels. :)