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First bothy and Beinn Mholach

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:37 pm
by Tam Collie
I haven't written for a while, the old man bought an ibone and I'm not allowed to use it as I have problems with the touch screen. Anyway, the rucksac was packed with some strange stuff this time before being flung in the car and we were off up the A9, boy was it hot. Stopped at House of Bruar, he had promised me a sausage supper but came back with f'n'c which frankly don't do the job. Parked at Dalnaspidal at the level crossing and walked through the sheep to the bridge and a quick paddle then along Loch Garry , past the pump station and waterfall to where the track ran out. Midges were really bad here as an indistinct track crossed the edge of the bog which was remarkably dry after all the hot weather we've had. Regaining a landrover track at the new bridge it was a short hop to Duinish bothy. The bothy was in a fairly good state of repair and we collected a few sticks to get a token fire going to while away the evening before sleep claimed us all.

Next morning we woke early to mist and went exploriing round the ruined out buildings before breakfast, packing up and then back onto the landrover track.
The old man selected a gentle slope onto the ridge and we disappeared into the mist which stayed with us all day until we returned to the track when the clouds lifted. It allowed us to get quite close to a herd of deer at one point but I made sure they didn't get too close. A little time spent on the map and compass on top to the ridge as it gets a little indistinct in places but the summit cairn is pretty unmistakable once you see it.

Beinn a'Chuallaich.jpg

The descent was down the eastern slopes to one of the many new landrover tracks hereabout, great fun romping through the heather while he dawdled picking cloudberries


Long (not so) walk out and another swim to cool off before the short drive back to Perth. Another great day out on the hill.

Re: First bothy and Beinn a'Chuallaich

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 5:57 pm
by gaffr
I know how it is...I am in my mid seventies and have just been given one of these new does take a bit of getting used to. What with maps and all the gadgets that can be used with them.
I guess it is your dog that uses the ibone. :)