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Inverlael w/e 2

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:09 pm
by Benaden887
Meall an Fheur Loch 5.3km 485m 2.2h 22/07/2018

The wee party went well, last night – the A team of Mike, Sharon, Claire and Netta, had a long day, but they made it ok, so a big well done. My thanks for sharing.

My club mates head home today, while I return to Coigach. It`s raining so I park at the high point of the road looking across as Coigach drifts into mist and rain. Stac Polly will keep for a better day. I drive by our regular haunt of Ephin heading for Laxford bridge – my last time here, was a rainy Ben Stack with Kenny, then climbing on the Laxford bay slabs, in sunshine. Ahhh, heady days. Now on the B838, pass Loch Stack then More, with Arkle lost somewhere in the mist, for NC 359344. Gear up with waterproofs then walk back down to cross a wooden bridge. Some cyclists are here pulling on rain gear. We nod; at least their route is down hill. A good chipped stalkers path climbs a forestry gap, zigzags to a broad shelf. I leave the path as it dips into the clag and climb in the rain to a flat top. Alt. reads 610, the cairn is on my left. I cross a wee rise to reach and touch the cairn of one of the smallest Grahams. Last here for Beinn Leoid and Meallan a` Chuaill, can`t think why we didn`t do this too.
Water runs from my jacket as I retrace my way to the path, bridge and the car. Dump my gear, eat and drink while I leaf thro the MCS book looking for a wiser weather option. Loch Shin shows sunny skies, to Lairg, Bonar Bridge, then the B9176 for

Beinn Tharsuin. East. 17.5k 525m 5.20h 22/07/2018
Pull into a large entrance to the wind farm @nh 663517. It’s sunny and warm with a strong wind. I gear up, deciding to walk rather than bike. A wide track runs W from the access gate, then NW up the S side of Cnoc Muigh – bhla`raldh, to the higher ground beyond. Having no map for this area, but based on recall of MM and a belief in myself, I head off. Easy walking with the wind behind me. A long climb of 230m leads towards a group of windmills. I follow a loop SW to mill# 12 and spy a newer track heading N of Sidhean a` Choin Bhain. Good for mountain bikes? I head up to gain the crest. Ha , not easily done. The going is rough over tussocky grass and heather. The easy walk I envisioned turned into a perpetual crossing of long deep peat hags, until rising ground finds the trig point and cairn. Hard won. But some view point, around me all hills I`ve still to do, mainly in groups of two, this was a loner to be picked off going to or coming from somewhere. Now done. I drink then head down for the nearest windmill and firmer ground. Plus points, my gears dried out, minus, shoulda taken the bike, in the wet, not a route I would recommend lessen they extend the windfarm up to the trig point.
Seen enroute, folk, noone on my hills, plenty frogs birds and deer, the clegs had a field day, and on coming down, I musta looked like that comic strip boy wi the flies swarming about his head.