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Ben Venue ridge

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:50 pm
by U059361
Started this walk late after Remembrance Sunday. Was midday when we arrived. Some roadworks have dumped soil etc in car park just to make it even harder to park the car in the remaining space.
The Ledard waterfall was in good flow.
The climb up through the forest is indeed wet and boggy almost all the way up at the moment.
Path up from gate in deer fence

Someone must have read the comment regarding the sign post indicating the path now going further up the hill side as being unclear with only one arrow. It now has 3 arrows drawn on it by pen. Still not very clear.
On clearing the trees, the path is a track and so a bit better. Sign post for footpath just to remind you which way to go.
Breaking from the trees to open ground

We had a lunch stop here on the way up.
On reaching the river further up, there is another waterfall that you can get right up to for a good look.
Upper waterfall

Above this is the ford, using metal fence posts. Pretty solid.
The ford, with metal fence posts.

Then over the fence on a style.
Looking back down the glen from top of style. Ford in foreground.

From here it is a trudge up a deeply eroded path with lots of detours round really wet parts. At one point, the hill side has been washed out and covered part of the track. It was an improvement :D Gets steadily steeper as you walk round the hill side up to the ridge.
The top part was still frozen and very slippy. It was 14:30 when we got to the ridge. No time to go to top, so we took in the view of Loch Katrine and then made our way back down.
Ben Venue and path along ridge side to top.

Loch Katrine from ridge

The angle of the sun now gave us clearer views of the loch and the hills beyond. It also meant there was no sunshine in the glen.
Campsie Fells and Dumgoyne from the glen

Loch Ard and the water logged path in the trees, plenty of tully tubes around here

Got back to car park at 16:30 in the twilight so really glad we didn't push on to the top.

Re: Ben Venue ridge

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:28 pm
by Alan S
Some great pics there 8) i have done this route twice and really enjoyed it and keep meaning to have a go from the other side

Re: Ben Venue ridge

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:02 am
by 2dalmatians
Good report Uo5947493028494849 Lol! I climbed this hill with my daughter and some friends in the summer (see report) and was completely knackered at the end - the return road just seems to go on forever!. Very cold and windy the day we went up, though not as wet. Some of your pics of the waterfalls are superb. :D