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Misty Moruisg

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:35 pm
by Coop
Done the Munro and Corbett double today. But not the one by the book.
Mist and rain and wind forecast. Forecaster was right.
Visibility down to about 500m.
Pretty boggy most of the way to the summit today.
Had to remember the big cairn wasn't the summit so I turned right at it and set off with the rain in my face for about 200m to the wee cairn.
No point going on says me. Back down the way I came up.
Hadn't seen a thing in 2 days.
Also when I went up Sgurr Choinnic yesterday I noticed a good path leading up to the Corbett. Zig zag most of the way up. Someone in Harry's last night saud it was a pony trail that had been "cut in " for them. Handy for future reference in case I do go back for the demoted Munro.
With a day still to play with I decided to go over to Aviemore. Hostel not open till 5 so I wandered up Meall A'bhuacallie- and had fantastic views across the cairngorm range. It really is a fantastic viewpoint from up there.

To the lad who I met in Harry's and whom I also met again on Moruisg- I hope I didn't dampen your spirit when I said the 2nd " Munro " had been demoted.
Hope you got round ok in that weather.