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Been Chonzie in the fog

PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:00 pm
by laurianna
After much deliberation my son and I decided to climb Ben Chonzie on a rather murky afternoon. However as he was working until 11.30pm and driving from Ayrshire we couldn't set off early.
Our walk began at 2pm and after 500yds along the track we encountered a sodden walker returning to his car and advising us of the bad fog and windy/rainy condition further up. I was keen to leave it but try telling a 20something this!
We didn't find the walk too bad to be honest but after we left the track and walked over the moorland things deteriorated and it was a howling gale! We persevered however and after 2hours and 15 minutes reached the summit after following a line of fence posts we were told to look out for. However we could only see 20 feet in front of us and the view was pretty non existent!
We sat at the cairn I relative comfort eating our sandwiches and braced ourselves for the onslaught of the descent as this time the wind, which had been at our back for some of the way, was now in our faces,along with driving rain. My eyes were actually stinging from the rain so I decided to sunspecs!
We arrived back at the car, encountering a total of three climbers and I was relieved when the welcome sight car appeared!
I wouldn't say it was a challenging walk - plenty of sheep but no hares in sight!
I read many times on forums that it was a boring Munro but I enjoyed the walk overall!