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Loch Lochy Munros

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:21 am
by KatTai
I've had these on my to-do list for a while but every time the weather seems to turn against me! So with Tuesday looking good I decided to go for them. Monday evening however a very bad sore throat I had a couple of weeks ago returned. Little sleep on Monday night, but I got up in the morning and decided to stick to my plan anyway so with a packet of Strepsils (which to be honest I don't think have been doing much to help) I set off on the three hour journey to the start of the Loch Lochy Munros picking up a bacon roll along the way.


We set off following the road to the forestry track where Moss could be let off the lead and this is where this walk really was a winner as she remained off lead for the vast majority of this route. Yes, it isn't the most exciting walk through the forest but Moss could run around and enjoy herself. It is a couple of miles to the path leading up the hill and it is a pretty steep path up through conifers and then birch trees.


Out on the open hill there were no sheep to be seen and with no stalking issues Moss could continue to remain off-lead. A lot more fun for her though it meant I did lose my puppy power pack for pulling me up :lol:


The path is a mix of lose rock and stones, gravel, grass and in some places was like walking in a little burn but it was clear to see where it led all the way up to the bealach between the two Munros.


Once there we opted to go for Sron a' Choire Garbh first taking the track to the right and following a steep zig-zag path up the flank. At the bealach Moss was on the lead for the short distance to the summit as there was a steep drop-off. And the there we were after about three hours of walking on the summit of our first Munro of the day!



Heading back down Moss was again off lead as we kept a distance from the edge crossing the grassy slope towards a small cairn at the bealach where we rejoined the ascent track. All the way down the next part of the walk was visible in front of us looking very steep.


Back to the crossing point of the track we followed the path to start to ascent Meall na Teanga. Mistake! The path goes through a boggy section and I ended up with a food sinking into the mud. Not the easiest place to cross. Still we continued on the track very loose rock and stone making the climb difficult, for me anyway Moss didn't have any trouble.


Further up it becomes a mud and bog track making the going much easier to the next bealach before becoming steep and rock again on the way up to the summit ridge. Again Moss was on the lead for the ascent of this part just to be on the safe side but it is easy to keep well away from the steep drops in good visibility. And then there we were the summit of Meall na Teanga with Ben Nevis dominating the background!


A short-eared owl provided the wildlife highlight of the day patrolling the hillside on the way down from Meall na Teanga disappearing when we were spotted.


Moss was free to run around all the way down until we reached the gate leaving the forestry land, a great walk for her which left her tired out at the end! As a bonus, my sore throat disappeared while walking though once home it quickly started to return!


Re: Loch Lochy Munros

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:21 pm
by HalfManHalfTitanium
Lovely photos, and great to see that short-eared owl!

We had a magical cloud inversion on these hills