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The Fortingall Four !!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:19 pm
by Anne McNaughton
Having completed our 1st ever round of 4 Munros a little over a week ago my daughter in law Karen & I planned another 4 this time starting at a much lower level as in 100 metres !!!!

We set off early from Bridge of Earn arriving at Invervar for approx. 8.30am and once booted up set off up through the trees to the messy forestry area....bits of felled trees everywhere which did not make for an easy first part of the walk . :o :o :shock:

29487205107_297708fd1a_z (1).jpg
Obstacle course through the forestry

After a short time headed up alongside the land rover track eventually coming to the rickety bridge across the river which is mentioned in many reports

rickety bridge...jpg
Rickety Bridge

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There are some useful signposts pointing out the way!!!!

posts showing the way...jpg
posts showing the way

Looking back down Glen Lyon.jpg

I was a bit tired after walking 11 miles on Tuesday and had read some reports of this walk which filled me with some trepidation.....and really did feel that my legs were tired before even starting; but whatever the reason I made heavy weather of the 1 st hill...the weather wasn't the best but we did have some cracking views back down Glen Lyon

Carn Mairg and Creag Mhor coming into view.jpg
Carn Mairg and Creag Mhor coming into view

and eventually summit of Carn Gorm reached... it took 2.5 hrs, ….. I was a bit disappointed at my pace and was struggling big style!!…. have to say I was somewhat relieved to reach the summit and then happy to continue with a much more positive attitude :) :wink: :clap: Its amazing how much a negative attitude can affect your walking!!!!

long slog up Carn Gorm.jpg
It felt like a long hard slog to the first summit....

and finally summit number 1 .... very hard going for me !!!.jpg
and finally summit number one.... Carn Gorm with the broken trig point

Loch Rannoch.jpg
Loch Rannoch

1st one done !!.jpg
Karen at the 1st summit

It was very cold and windy at the top here and we didn't linger too long refueling fairly quickly and looking out hat & gloves....the views were outstanding until the cloud swept in but my hands were too cold to hang about taking pictures :( :( :roll:
We set off with me in a much better frame of mind...if I'd had a mirror I would have had a good word with myself :lol:
It seemed no time at all till we reached the 2nd summit of the day Meall Garbh with its strange cairn :? :?

We met a very fit young lady who was undertaking her mountain leader course ….she soon disappeared quickly down the hill en route to the 3rd summit. The clouds were becoming darker so we decided to don the waterproofs just in case.... as it turned out the rain started shortly after so it was a good choice...Great advice Karen

2nd summit of the day.jpg
2nd summit Meall Garbh

2nd summit   .jpg
and again...

Its quite a long walk to the summit of Cairn Mairg although not too difficult and the rain eased off which was great. We found a handy wee cairn and stopped for a bite to eat before gaining the 3rd of the day...Also it was a chance to look at the map and orientate ourselves...we are still trying to develop our map reading
A guy passed with a quick "hello" and we watched him make a quick ascent to Cairn Mairg all the while thinking my goodness he's racing up there....however once we got going it wasn't too taxing at all. At last our 3rd and penultimate summit of the day.
views opening up.jpg
views opening up

Schiehallion (2).jpg

summit number 3...jpg
summit of Cairn Mairg

lunch stop.jpg
lunch stop....and the sun coming out yay...!!!!

number 3 more to go...jpg
number 3 one more to go...

It was quite a tricky descent over rocky ground, perhaps taking a longer route round the side to the east might have made life easier..All the while I am looking up at the ascent to the final summit with a sinking feeling :( It looked very steep and my negativity started to niggle again... :roll:

tricky descent from Carn Mairg.jpg
Tricky descent from Carn Mairg

looking back...hard to believe we walked down this!!!!.jpg
looking back to Carn Mairg ...hard to believe we walked down this!!!!

!However I needn't have worried as I was halfway up before I realised it....way to go I had been mentally preparing for a really long slog and it was fairly easy even on tired legs..on making the very large rocky summit we did decide not to climb onto the top as the legs may well have just regular ground level summit pics!!!

summit pic Creag Mhor...jpg
Karen at the summit of Creag Mhor

last one of the day...yay !!!.jpg
Last one of the day yay !!!!

Now it was time to begin the long walk down the shoulder to the forestry area..

and now the long walk back down......jpg
and now the long walk back down...

looking back to Creag Mhor (2).jpg
Looking back to Creag Mhor

We were both tired and the "jelly legs" made an appearance...however bolstered by the fact trhat we had conquered another 4 hills we plodded on.

Back to the car as the rain started lucky to have avoided walking downhill in it !!!

Both really pleased and tired in equal measure...bring on the next ones :D :D

Re: The Fortingall Four !!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:28 am
by HalfManHalfTitanium
Great photos!

This looks like a good route... will try it one day - when I am feeling extra strong - as I don't usually tackle four Munros at once these days!.


Re: The Fortingall Four !!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:00 pm
by Anne McNaughton
HalfManHalfTitanium wrote:Great photos!

This looks like a good route... will try it one day - when I am feeling extra strong - as I don't usually tackle four Munros at once these days!.


Thanks Tim, this was our 2nd round of four , the 1st ones being at Drumochter so starting higher up with less steep ascent...I found the first hill challenging but I'm no spring chicken 😂😂. It was a great day once the rain eased off....go for it !!!