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Into the Mists - evening ascent of Stuc a' Chroin

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:28 am
by wilkiemurray
Vlog :

In to the Mists

Summer holidays – fantastic!! I had managed to time mine just after the summer weather finished!! Spending the day with the kids, I was able t head for the hills once my better half had returned from work. With the nights drawing in a little, I couldn’t travel too far and decided I wanted to tackle Stuc a’ Chroin.

I have been up Ben Vorlich so many times, I decided that I would try and head for Stuc instead, but didn’t have time to combine them. I also decided that if time allowed, I would come back over Ben Our en route back to the car. The forecast was an improving one and I was hoping for a sunset summit on Stuc a Chroin, with fantastic vistas over the southern highlands!

Setting off and things looked promising and I strode up the familiar Vorlich path , almost missing the path for the Stuc! Met lots of people coming off Vorlich bu when on to the path for Stuc a Chroin, the numbers disappeared and I experienced some lovely solitude. Reaching the head of the Glen and the views opened up over the Trossachs, with some fantastic crepuscular rays over towards More and Binnein!

ImageTrossachs by Scotland's Mountains, on Flickr

Imageclouds over The Trossachs by Scotland's Mountains, on Flickr

Stuc a’ Chroin was looking good from here and I had a spring in my step

ImageStuc a' Chroin by Scotland's Mountains, on Flickr

That spring was dampened slightly though as when I reached the bottom of he hill, the mist rolled in and the summit disappeared! My timing wasn’t so great this time and for the next hour or so I was looking at the inside of a cloud!! Reaching the top, I decided to linger to see if the cloud would dissipate….

ImageBen Our by Scotland's Mountains, on Flickr

It didn’t!! so I headed back down and due to the time spent praying at the top, my plans for Ben Our were postponed and I managed to get to the car just before a head torch was required! Much fun even though the summit views weren’t very good ….