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Beinn Lutharn Mhor and Carn Bhac

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:36 am
by TaylorTheLemonSlayer
We started from Broxden at our usual time of 7am. We arrived at Glenshee at 8:15am. It was estimated that it would take us 3 hours before reaching Beinn Lutharn Mhor from our starting point. We walked through Gleann Taltneach from Dalmunzie Hotel. Halfway through the glen we ended up crossing the left side of the river, so we had to cross back to the right. From that point on, there were some steep sections before reaching Loch Nan Eun where we stopped for out short break. We left and we begun out first ascend to Beinn Lutharn Mhor. Strong winds were coming from west, along with a spit of rain. We reached the first Munro but the views were secluded because of the continuous winds and rain.

We left the first summit and we made the decision to split the group into two. The group that did not want to do the second Munro took the gentle descend back down towards the car park, whilst myself and the others progressed to the second summit. Upon leaving, we had to take a steep descend down from Beinn Lutharn Mhor. In some parts I was going down on reverse crab. The winds were still in their full forces and I was doing this in fear of falling over head first. From there, we crossed over the bealach before stopping for lunch next at 1pm. We came across the same result for Carn Bhac; seclusion. From that point on, we walked cross-country through peat bogs and eventually came across a path that took us over a graham named Carn nan Seilach. The path descended to Glen Ey, which joined the other path that eventually took us back to the car park.

We arrived safely back to the bus between 3:30pm and 3:45pm, just in time for our pub/tea room stop before heading home for 6:30pm.