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Keiss Castle walk warning

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:27 pm
by CCDennis
I have used Walking Highlands for all my holiday walks with total confidence until this walk!
From the car park to Nybster Broch is a good safe path the Broch been very interesting and well worth a visit but we also wanted to visit Keiss Castle be aware this section of the walk has no maintenance, very narrow in places with barbed wire fence to side barbed wired stile (one) and one barbed wire fence with the poor remnants of an old stile and one wall with stone steps with a stile and barbed wire fence straight after which was very difficult to lift a dog over.
Their is no access to the field opposite the castle and again very narrow especially if you have children.

Someone must have contacted the landowner when the walk was published as the comment about a new stile has most certainly not be followed up!

General feeling you are most defiantly not welcome as an example from the car park to the left to see a monument two rotten silage bales have been tipped over the fence onto the path.

Still have great confidence in Walking Highlands