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Two Grahams in Amulree and the rut is on

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:28 pm
by desmondo1
After yesterdays 4 Munros the legs felt ok so as per my plan I decided to climb these 2 Grahams on the way home.
I parked up at the farm entrance not a lot of room so if more than 1 car park back at Amulree village. The track to the hills is signposted ‘Harrietown 7miles‘.
A short walk to get around the farm (Girron) then the track goes out onto the moorland.
trail in.jpg

Trail in Bhealach is the V
At the first gate a dead sheep lies in the stream, looks fresh is it to be collected, thankfully I don’t need to drink the water!!
The SMC guide suggests heading right from here across the rough ground and doing a ridge walk to Meall Reamhar but my achy legs are following this track to the Bhealach.

Grainy zoom of the harem, a stag in there and 2 watching
About 20 red deer hinds are on my left between Dalreoch Hill and Creag Bhiorach with a stag amongst them. Looks like 2 more stags higher up waiting for there chance. Then on my right a huge chocolate brown stag has spotted me and moves fast firstly heading towards Reamhar before cutting across the track and was last seen heading towards the herd, another contender or last years vanquished?
A few grouse fly from the heather and just before I reach the bealach a golden eagle glides over Caorach then circles Reamhar where it is bombed by a fast small bird, peregrine maybe?

Follow the fence to the top
50 minutes from the start I make the short but steep ascent of Meall Reamhar, mainly following the new fence but take care as lots of old wire waiting to trap you. Near the top a hare runs from its scrape and a red kite flies over. Not sure whether it was me or the kite that sent the hare scampering.

Reamhar cairn Schiehallion in distance
20 minutes later at the cairn, taking in the views, the Lomond Hills very close. A good view of Meall nan Caorach opposite.

Lomond Hills Perth in between
I was in two minds about doing both but what the hell, back down the fence line and up the other. I swear the gradient is steeper here, either that or yesterday is catching up fast. This fence has not been renewed but still plenty of old wire to snag you.
2 hills.jpg

Trig on Meall nan Caorach looking to Reamhar
There is a trig on this top and the views are excellent. Looking north to Schiehallion, closer Meall Dearg then beyond that I presume it is the Ben Alder range and the Drumochter Munro’s from yesterday. Turning again and the distinctive profile of Lochnagar, just excellent.

Pleasant descent looking to Loch Freuchie
I headed towards Creag Ghorm and then took a much more pleasant descent across easier terrain to meet up with the estate track and back to the car. No sign of the deer they are long gone.
As expected not a another person seen in this delightful place
A short walk and objective achieved, my legs have had enough for this trip.
Wildlife: Red deer, Red grouse, Mountain hare, Golden Eagle, Red Kite

Re: Two Grahams in Amulree and the rut is on

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:00 pm
by neil m
Climbed these 2 Grahams following the same route on 24.11.18.

Those bits of discarded Fence Wire were all over the place going up both hills, a definite trip hazard for the unwary.

A nice ,quiet wee hike, and like yourself we didnt see any other person on the walk (or for that matter in the nearby hamlet of Amulree either!). Spooky..... :)

Re: Two Grahams in Amulree and the rut is on

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:34 pm
by desmondo1
Glad you enjoyed the walk, it is good to have a place to yourself now and again.