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In-spectre Ciste Dhubh

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:37 pm
by JimboJim
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 009_1257_800_1024_652.JPG
The SGR looking very nice, as I start off.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 010_1230_800_1024_666.JPG
The initial climb up Am Bathach, wasn't as tough as I first thought.
Time for another trip in the Bongo, though forecast window wasn't too great and would only allow one night. Well, the wife would only allow one night :lol: Just joking, darling, if you ever get round to reading one of these reports! xXx
At first glance thought the climb up to Am Bathach looked steep and quite a haul, but I seemed to make pretty good progress, perhaps spurred on by slightly late start and wanting to move on to Lochcarron, whilst there was some daylight still in it.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 013_1163_800_1024_704.JPG
Looking down on the Cluanie Inn and SGR.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 015_1228_800_1024_667.JPG
Along Am Bathach, Ciste Dubh, just visible in the distance.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 016_1024_743.JPG
Love the craggy lines and colours of Sgurr an Fhuarail.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 017_1185_800_1024_691.JPG
Over to Stob Coire na Craileag.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 019_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
A' Chralaig, just holding the mist, as it did most of the day.

Enjoyed the flatter walk to the summit of Am Bathach, though didn't hang around much as sun began to dwindle and darker clouds moved in, with some light flurries of snow flitting by. The Bealach Choinnich was looking boggy, but didn't turn out too bad. The climb up from there however, matched descriptions, with some splish-splashing around, but once over this hurdle, the walk along An Cnapach to the summit of Ciste Dhubh, was braw fun.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 026_1219_800_1024_672.JPG
The squidgy puddles and bogs at the bealach.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 028_1147_800_1024_714.JPG
An Cnapach and Ciste Dhubh.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 033_1182_800_1024_693.JPG
Through to A' Ghlas-bheinn and Beinn Fhada.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 076_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Looking back, from the top.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg Spectre.jpg
Making a spectre of myself, as usual.

By now the mist and showers were much closer and wind less pleasant. Took some photo's and was about to depart the summit, when I had a bit of an eerie feeling. Turning round, I found myself the centre of a Brocken Spectre.
Ciste Dhubh Spectre 4_1024_768.JPG
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 072_1120_800_1024_731.JPG
Over toward the Sisters.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 079_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Ciste Dhubh.
Not the best example, but it is always a (rare) treat to see one, so I took a few more snaps, before it moved on. Enjoyed further light shows as the weather played its funny light games, as i made my way back to the bealach, before returning via the east side of the An Caorainn Beag, which makes for decent progress, if a bit squidgy here and there, especially nearing the main road.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 034_1280_283_1024_226.JPG
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 044_1024_672.JPG
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 049_1192_800_1024_687.JPG
Back from whence I came. The odd shower of snow and swirls of mist entertain.
Ciste Dhubh Maol Cheann-dearg 051_1024_228.JPG
Pano back along the ridge, as the snow drifts by.
Was quite chuffed to be back at the Bongo in 4.2 hours, ready to get on my way, over to Lochcarron, slightly keen to slake my thirst :lol:

Re: In-spectre Ciste Dhubh

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:14 pm
by ere1
Nice stuff and splendid photos Jimbo. :clap:

Re: In-spectre Ciste Dhubh

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:25 pm
by JimboJim
ere1 wrote:Nice stuff and splendid photos Jimbo. :clap:

Thanks ere1, glad you enjoyed them.

Re: In-spectre Ciste Dhubh

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:35 pm
by Graeme D
What a cracking wee outing you had! :clap:

Re: In-spectre Ciste Dhubh

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:42 pm
by JimboJim
Graeme D wrote:What a cracking wee outing you had! :clap:

Thank you, Graeme, that is just how I would describe it :)