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Meall Glas by itself from Glen Dochart (bog bog bog)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:15 pm
by frsrgrdn2
Climbed this today and it rained from 9 through to 1, ie all the way up ! If there was a path on way up i never found it as i stupidly detoured almost immediately by taking the deer stalking road to the left of the burn instead of following the path on the right hand side. Then when the road ends i should have crossed burn in full spate and followed the path if you could call it that. Anyhow i went my own way up the hill, then you can sea Meall Glas in distance. Unfortunately you need to cross 2 miles of bog after 2 weeks of rain and in the pouring rain. Really this is a summer Munro guys! When i did climb the actual mountain i still couldn't find any path , so hard hard slog up steep grass. When i did almost get to the very top i was lucky to see a herd of deer no less than 100 ! This after hardly seeing any deer all year. Still a bit of snow on North face of Glas. No views just mist and rain. Quick retreat back down and march through bog bog bog until i found path which IS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE as you go up initially. Boggy path anyhow and very easily lost.... Took 7 hours, just made it back to car before it got dark... Worth the trip to see the herd of deer and heard a faint roar of a stag.

Re: Meall Glas by itself from Glen Dochart (bog bog bog)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:43 pm
by Coop
Think if I ever did these 2 again I'll be coming in from kenknock.
I'll hope we have a barren dry summer and I'll go up for the Corbett there