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Tom na gruagaich via Na Fasreidhnean

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:54 am
by Cairngorm creeper
After back sliding on our walking and walk reports last year I am starting the year how I mean to continue. and what a cracking day the 2nd of January was. OK there was no snow, but the sunshine made up for it.
Tom na Gruagaich was our first munro many many years ago and this is our fourth time on its summit; the best hills are always worth further exploration. We had previously wondered what the end ridge Na Fasreidhnean would be like as an ascent and found it listed it the scrambling guidebook as a grade 1. Given the lack of winter conditions but short daylight hours it seemed an ideal fit for the day, especially as most of the scrambling was lower down on the ridge.
The route
The route

We left the Ben Alligin carpark at 8:30 and followed the footpath toward Coire nan Laogh, stopping to admire the views back across Loch Torridon.
Early Morning view Across Loch Torridon

As we approached the Coire Na Fasreidhnean was looming before us, looking incredibly steep :crazy: and we hoped the guidebooks weren't lying when they said it was easier than it looked :lol:.
Coire nan Laogh with Na Fasreidhnean on the left
. The faint path leading to the ridge was fairly easy to identify which, thankfully was now looking far more manageable. I was surprised by the steady stream of walkers heading towards Beinn Alligin so it was nice to be leaving them all behind and make our own way up the heathery slope. Initially the path seemed to come and go but as we gained height we found ourseleves on a well defined path that weaved its way up the rocky ridge with a few sections of unavoidable scrambling. It really was a glorious day, with very little wind and the ridge allowed us to appreciate the true grandeur of the situation. The rock was very grippy were it was dry but there were some icy patches, which made some of scrambling awkward although there was nothing technically difficult .
In the Heather to avoid Ice on the slab!

Hmm! Looks Interesting.
Waiting for the trousers to split

Some Awkward Positions

and some impressive ones

Loch Torridon below!

An Ice Slug

Last little scramble

Then a walk to the top of the ridge

Loch Torridon below!

Torridon Giants with a Frosty Topping

Loch Torridon

Looking back down Na Fasreidhnean

Photobombed by a Ptarmigan

Walking up to the summit of Na Fasreidhnean
Tom na gruagaich from summit Na

It was just a short walk across a shallow bealach, from the top of Na Fasreidhnean to Tom na Gruagaich. There was a dusting of snow but still incredibly mild on the summit and as we had no plans to continue onto the second Munro we had plenty of time to sit around enjoying the sunshine

Summit views

We passed the time of day with several groups of walkers making their way onto Sgurr Mor before setting of down Coire nan Laogh and back to the car park.
Heading down the Coire

Last look back

We spent so much time admiring the views and taking photos that I can't honestly say how long the walk took. It was about 16:00 when we got back to the carpark. A good start to the year, now where is that snow!

Re: Tom na gruagaich via Na Fasreidhnean

PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2021 9:32 pm
by Brraparazzi
Looks like a route I will take when I do Beinn Alligin
I eyed up the ridge and thought it looked doable. Which guidebook did you use?

Re: Tom na gruagaich via Na Fasreidhnean

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:26 pm
by Verylatestarter
Another tremendous report, thanks guys.