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Beinn Sgritheall, Bongo Day 1.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:35 pm
by JimboJim
Another dig down deep into the memory due to neglect of writing up trips. I had the good fortune to see a couple of decent enough looking days, so off I went in the old campervan, but with a bit of trepidation, as I knew there was still plenty snow about and Beinn Sgritheall and my other target, Gairich, both mentioned potential tricky spots.

Anyway, I enjoyed the long run up to Glenelg, on what I remember, was a fine day. Alas, the weather went off a wee bit, at the summit, but what's new there :) Arnisdale, is a beautiful wee village. Seems so peaceful and dwarfed by the big mountain above it.
The nice wee hamlet of Arnisdale.
The Bongo, sits awaiting.
About to set off. Not in the boat!
Arnisdale Bay.

It's a steep climb, but I think I made decent progress up to the bealach. Then the work rerally begins, up the steeper scree slopes, but as described, some of it can be avoided. Once up at the 906m spot, the view looking down on the village was great. Along the ridge, there was some snow, but it didn't look any trouble. Once at the narrow, airy bit of the ridge, i.e., the last wee bit,I had to alter my opinion. Fortunately, the snow was reasonably firm and I didn't have to put the crampons on, though I kept the ice axe handy, just in case.
The climb up from the bealach.
Yup, it's pretty steep and the scree doesn't help either!
A look back down to the bealach.
Overlooking Arnisdale.
First view over to the summit.
The final strip of snow below the summit makes one concentrate :)
Ridge over to the top.
Tricky wee ridge of snow near the summit. Doesn't look much but, had my pulse up a wee bit.
Aye, it's a steep drop down.
Me. Must still have been sweating at that point :)

I think I was about two and a half hours to the summit. It was a bit duller and colder now. Got some reasonable views, but the Knoydart hills, such as Ladhar Bheinn, were all obscured. Enjoyed a quick food stop, before heading down the west ridge, which was trickier than I had expected. I remember finally losing the path lower down and not exactly enjoying it, till I finally dropped on to the main road and even then, it's a bit of a trek, back to the village. (As WH's says, "At length it reaches the road, and never were you so glad to step foot back onto level tarmac. :lol: )
Looking down on the wee islands in Loch Hourn.
The bumpy ridge down.
Loch Hourn. Only got one, or two glimpses of Ladhar Bheinn.

To finish, I made my way over to Corran, which is another lovely spot, took some pics and enjoyed some home baking at the wee tearoom there, before making my way round to Cluanie, to stopover for the night but, that as they
say, is another story :)
I can't think of a caption :)
Majestic, imposing, Beinn Sgritheall.
Beinn Sgritheall, looks fine from Corran.

Re: Beinn Sgritheall, Bongo Day 1.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:48 pm
by PeteR
Got to be one of the finest a slightly masochistic sort of way :lol: That climb up the steep scree slope has to be one of the toughest......certainly a hill well named