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Ben Wyvis - Mindful Mountain Walk

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:20 pm
by christianhowell1982
I coerced my wife into accompanying me up Ben Wyvis last year. Afterwards she wrote this poem which I thought I'd share with you all.
Stay mindful on the mountains all. Enjoy :D :D

Mindful Mountains

Onto the mountain path, a chilly beginning.

Another munro, may this one be forgiving.

A few more steps, already out of puff.

Dare I tell my hubby, I think I’ve had enough.

‘When we start going up…’ he says all too cheery.

‘We are going up’ I cry inside, and on the outside nearly.

Away from the thoughts and into the present.

Behold the beauty of nature, and yet another pheasant.

Fir trees lined up welcoming us, one by one.

The waterfall rushes on, in the morning sun.

Heather scattered all around, not just its purple hue.

Autumn adds its sprinkling of orange and yellow too.

Rain and wind move in, changing the scene.

Along with mist and cloud, no longer seeing where we’ve been.

The climb gets harder, steep stone steps and single file.

A stop for coffee and chocolate make it all worthwhile.

All is swept away and the sun returns.

No water up here, not even any burns.

A lovely Irish Setter, by far more energy than me.

We’ve made it to the summit, and now I have to pee.

Ben Wyvis to An Caber ridge, along a blizzard comes too.

The mist comes and goes, like it’s playing peek-a-boo.

A glorious descent, below the cloud we emerge.

Another stop for tea and cake, now hopefully an energy surge.

Ending in the fairytale forest, spotting many a colourful mushroom.

All this beauty in nature, really does make my heart bloom.
wyvis summit.jpg