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Ben Gulabin

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:22 pm
by Sspaterson
A brisk day. Minus 10C when we left Perth.

Got parked next to gate with one car already there but looked like it had been there overnight judging by the frost on it - so some brave soul camped out overnight on the coldest night of the year so far.

Testing out my new Munro boots from Hoggs of Fife. Full grain leather and able to take a flexible crampon. Left car at 0915 and plodded up the easy path, cold at first but then rather pleasant when we reached the sun shine.

Blowing a bit more of a breeze than we bargained for when we reached the path split. Quite steep here but plenty snow rather than ice so managed fine without crampons. Got to the top more quickly than expected but we weren't hanging around too long. A quick pic of the spectacular scenery and then we headed off to try to find somewhere out the wind for a cuppa.

I had my liner gloves on plus my big ski mitts and was toastier enough but taking the mitt off to take a couple of pics for no more than 20 seconds was enough to chill my fingers to the bone.

Quick descent to one of the many grouse butts on the hill where we cooried in for a hot drink and some flapjacks.

Back towards the main track we could see 'brave soul' coming over the track in the distance towing a sledge. We descended to have a shufty at the old Gulabin ski cabin, disturbing some mountain hares in the process, resplendent in their winter coats.

Met one other person plodding up and got back to the car sooner than expected at . Whizzed back down to Blairgowrie for a fabulous lunch in the Cateran Cafe - highly recommended.

If I can figure out how to post smaller pics I'll do so