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A' Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-choire

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:00 pm
by JimboJim
A'Chralaig and Mullach Fraoch-Choire, came up next on the list, probably cause weather looked OK up that way. I remember nearly getting some decent ship shots on the way up.
A'Chralaig 1a_1280_720_1024_576.jpg
Spotted her just off Corran, but couldn't get clear view of her.
Yes, ships, not chips :D Nearly great, but not quite.
A'Chralaig 1c_1024_655.JPG
Seabourne Quest, Loch Linnhe, for all you ship lovers out there :)

Also, remember start as being pretty arduous, rising steeply up the south ridge of A'Chralaig, struggling the keeep up with Jaf. It was a glorious morning, with a bit of an inversion going on over Glen Shiel and Loch Cluainie. T-shirt walking weather.
A'Chralaig 009_1024_727.JPG
The inversion begins to clear as we rise up towards the ridge.
A'Chralaig 010_1024_269.JPG
Pano towards the South Glen Shiel Ridge.
A'Chralaig 016_1114_800_1024_735.JPG
The going eases a bit, as Big Jasper, makes for A'Chralaig.
A'Chralaig 021_1024_735.JPG
Over to the Cluanie Inn and SGR.
A'Chralaig 022_1024_735.JPG
Big Jasper, in his element. Cracking day for walking.
A'Chralaig 029_1024_225.JPG
Still some nice cornicing around.

Good views of neighbouring hills and still some nice cornicing of snow, as we neared the summit, which unfortunately bcame shrouded in a bit of fog. Sure is a fine big cairn there, which we kept company for a while, to see if it would clear, but no. No point waiting too long, so after some grub we set off for Stob Coire na Craileag. It wasn't too long till things began to clear behind and ahead of us, revealing the fine ridge back to the Basket and ahead to the pinnacles, Na Geurdain.
A'Chralaig 035_1118_800_1024_733.JPG
A bit murky, alas. Me, at the summit cairn. A'Chralaig,1088m.
A'Chralaig 040_1212_800_1024_676.JPG
Heading off the top.
A'Chralaig 041_1024_627.JPG
Beginning to clear already.
A'Chralaig 053_1024_706.JPG
The traverse over to Mullach Fraoch-Choire.

We left our rucksacks at the top of Coire Odhair and moved on to decide what to do with the rocky stuff. I scrambled over them, a bit gingerly admittedly, but was good fun. Made it to the summit not far beyond that and enjoyed the fine views. Scrambled over a different outcrop on the way down, which was a bit trickier for me, but probably a dawdle to anyone else.
Pretty uneventful trip back out, most notable in that it was a bit of a damp, long trudge.
A'Chralaig 055_1024_696.JPG
Nice view back to A'Chralaig.
A'Chralaig 056_1165_800_1024_703.JPG
Good view of the pinnacles, Na Geurdain.
A'Chralaig 064_1024_768.JPG
The gazelle tries some scrambling,
A'Chralaig 066_1045_800_1003_768.JPG
Summit, Mullach Fraoch-Choire, 1102m.
A'Chralaig 068_1024_244.JPG
Pano south.
A'Chralaig 075_1024_708.JPG
To A'Chralaig.
A'Chralaig 081_1093_800_1024_749.JPG
It's a bit hairier than I am :)
A'Chralaig 108_1024_314.JPG
The road to the Isles and the car.
A'Chralaig 116_1137_800_1024_720.JPG
"If he doesn't take the photo now, I'm off!"

Another excellent trip to the hills and to cap it all, managed another photo of "my," cruise-liner, The Soubourne Quest, now in Fort William, on the way home :D
A'Chralaig 1c_1024_655.JPG
Seabourne Quest, Loch Linnhe, for all you ship lovers out there :)