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Crifell with a medical team!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:55 pm
by McMole
Criffel route s.gif
Perhaps I was misled by the forecast for Dumfries which predicted some sun around midday, but, as I should have known, Criffel's summit climate was very different. When I arrived in the Ardwall car park the higher tops were enveloped in cloud though the sun was shining not far away.
P1030319 s.JPG
Looking back at the car park and some blue sky!
P1030320 s.JPG
Half-way up the good path - no wind down here
The walk up through the trees followed a good path with occasional flights of bouldery steps and was nicely sheltered. I followed a group of three junior doctors all the way from the car park to the gate at the top of the forest where I assured them that the muddy scar leading on from there really was the way up.
P1030321b s.JPG
Now on the muddier slopes above the trees and about to enter the clouds
We exchanged the lead a few times as we climbed up into the cloud. The visibility diminished and the wind rose until the last few hundred metres were becoming quite adventurous for the trio.
P1030322 s.JPG
The summit view with Douglas's Cairn just visible about 50m away.
They persevered and attained the summit cairn a few minutes after me despite the cloud restricting the view to only a few tens of metres.
P1030324 s.jpg
The Medical team reach the cairn ...
008 s.jpg
... and they appear to be enjoying their day!
On the way down I took us all down to the east of the path to get out of the wind more rapidly. We had met a few folk on our way up. On the way down there were quite a few more. Definitely by far the most popular summit I'd been up near Dumfries - which wasn't difficult. In the whole south-west only Merrick and Cairnsmore of Fleet in May 2016 had been busier.