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Beinn Bhalgairean

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:36 pm
by SecondRow

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Having previously climbed Beinn a’Chleibh, using the network of forestry path from Corryghoil, I had been saving the similarly accessible Grahams for a similar quick trip during the short winter’s days.
Once again, leaving the car at the bottom for the Corryghoil track, I cycled uphill keeping the river to my left and passing under the railway bridge. As usual, once the gradient increased, the cycle turned into a ‘push’, but the promise of an easy return journey made the effort worthwhile.

On reaching the line of forestry, that acts as a barrier to the slopes of Beinn Bhalgairean, I spotted what looked like a decent break in the trees, that would allow me to pass to the higher the slopes. Hiding the bike in a ditch and as always taking a GPS bearing, I cut up through the trees. It didn’t take long to discover that my assessment that this route would allow clear passage was wrong, so rather than admit my mistake I was soon ducking and fighting my way through dense forestry while being scratched to pieces. After a miserable half hour or so, a stream presented itself, which allowed a slightly easier jaunt along the banks before eventually arriving on the clear hillside.




From here on my luck improved, and the ascent was pretty straightforward, even finding the gate in the deer fence at first attempt. Visibility was as to be expected on a damp day in January, though I was shocked by the absence of snow on the higher summits.

After a quick cup of tea on the top, the descent was made, following much the same route, up until the last part, where bearing to the South I found much easier track going through the trees, back to the road. A little more patience to begin with and it could have been a much easier ascent!


Quickly finding my bike as I had left it, I rattled down the track like a bat out hell, dodging a couple of forestry vehicles on the way.