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Ben Vrackie

PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:46 pm
by KieranSri
At 46 I decided it’s about time I do what I’ve been saying I would over the last 3 year. So with the train from Cupar Fife to Pitlochry and accommodation booked, off I went on a brisk but exciting Saturday morning. Having arrived a Pitlochry my first port of call was the mountain warehouse to get some gear, well a fleece top and decent walking trousers, and then I was off. Up hill (west moulin road) and to the official I believe starting point the upper car park, where I could see Ben Vrackie in front of me, excited and raring to go I made my way up, not wanting to make a race to the top ( how it would of been done in my younger days) I stopped along the way taking in the views of Pitlochry below and the Munro’s corbetts Graham’s and Donald’s in the near and far distance. Though there was a feel good factor I wasn’t hit by that moment of well whatever that moment I was expecting was. Onwards and upwards I continued passing only a few people on the way, as I approached the top of Ben Vrackie the wind definitely got up and I was on my hands and knees to touch the monument at its peak, a little scary and exhilarating at the same time, though that moment was exciting it still wasn’t the moment I had been expecting, So full with joy that I did the walk to the top, i made my way back down deciding to take the Killiekrankie route to lengthen the walk and take in the beautiful views. So about 5 mins from the top I stopped and looked off into the distance, it was at that point I gazed upon the snow capped mountains in the distance, honey coloured by the high sun, my mind was silent, the sound of the chilled breeze a distant sky lark and nature encompassed me, from that point where I stood I felt I was one complete with nature, everything I saw and felt emanated from where I stood, that was the moment I will treasure forever, the rest of the way another 3 and half hours was done with that thought still emblazoned throughout me.
That’s all I can say except I found peace up there on Ben Vrackie and a oneness with Mother Nature no separation just one sentient being, very humble

Re: Ben Vrackie

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:13 am
by Sunset tripper
Yes thats what its all about. It's a great hill. It has a proper mountain shape when seen from the railway station. The Moulin is a good stopping point for refreshments too if travelling by train. :D