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Cruachan circuit

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:28 pm
by U059361
Got a good look at this walk when I climbed Beinn a'Bhuiridh and so I was keen to do it soon after. The parking on the main road at the station has been enlarged a bit, counted 8 cars when I got back, better parking might have squeezed another on in. I was first there though when I arrived about 7:30am. I was soon joined by another car though, already filling up. A bit of a rough walk in the trees, so glad to get out and heading towards the dam. I followed the advice about the second path up, it did look batter all the way up from what I could see and no need to ford the stream. The 'path' up to the bealach is a scree slope really, so glad to get to the top and firmer footing. however it was W I N D Y up here. On with another two layers, hat and gloves.More scree and boulders all the way to the top. So glad I wouldn't be coming back down this way. Going up boulders is much easier and faster. The wind wasn't so bad at the top funnily enough. Great view but hazy so only the nearer hills looked good and Loch Awe faded into the distance.
ImageCoire Cruachan from the Ben by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
Lots of boulders going down the ridge, scrambling to avoid drops, walking round slabs, but it wasn't as hard as I'd thought. But getting over to Stob Daimh was slow work and my legs were getting weary by the time I got to the top. Met 3 people walking it anti-clockwise, didn't envy them.
ImageCoire Cruachan from Stob Daimh by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
It was a change of pain in the legs to drop down from Lairig Torran with the path coming and going. I was really glad to get to the bottom, but still a way to go. Despite no rain for ages, the path is still boggy, just managed to keep my boots dry. A long weary trudge along and down the road and then the scramble back through the woods. So glad to get to the car. Started my drive back to Edinburgh at 1:30pm.