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Bike and Hike Beinn lutharn Mhor

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 10:35 pm
by ianmcr
Parked ay Inverey and set off on new old hardtail bought specifically for such a job at around 10:00.A pleasant cycle up Glen Ey without too much effort arriving at Altanour lodge 45min later.
After organising myself and a quick refreshment, I set off on foot at 11:00. Soon found out walking in cycle short poses a risk of chafing. A change of undergarments was required to prevent serious damage to the undercarriage.
Reached the first summit easily at about 12:00 and was rewarded with great views of the northern Cairngorms. A bit of lunch then off round the broad ridge to a bealach and a ruined dwelling. A descent and ascent of peat bog was next but thankfully it was pretty dry.
The climb up the side of Beinn lutharn Mhor was very steep and quite precarious with a mixture of loose rocks and soft snow. I cheered with relief on reaching the ridge. Easy walking got me to the summit which was remarkably chilly for May.
I thought briefly of carrying on round to take in An Socach but opted to leave that for another day and retraced my step to descend the nose to follow the river back to the lodge and my bike arriving 16:30.
With waterproof on to protect from the cool breeze I sped back down the Glen and was back a car just after 17:00.
A fine finish to the day was had in Perth BrewDog with a pint of PunkAF and a spicy meaty pizza.
Two Munro ticks and a BrewDog Beer Visa Stamp, magic.

Re: Bike and Hike Beinn lutharn Mhor

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 11:46 pm
by prog99
Nice, ticked the hills a few times but not that BD bar. One list I'm not ticking despite being an EFP.
Punk AF is not a bad beer for drivers but they still have some catching up to do with the alkohol frei weissens from germany & austria.