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The Cairnwell Munro’s

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:11 pm
by cjcm1980
This was a great wee day out with the Mrs the initial climb up to Carn Aosda was pretty steep but then it levelled out for most of the the other 2 in this route Lucia hadn’t been up any other Munro’s other than Ben Nevis and that had been a while ago so it was a good wee hike and also you very easily knock 3 Munro’s off of the list the scenery with the ski center to begin with wasn’t very pretty but once you passed that it was amazing. Also the weather we had was great and we both got sunburned :lol: :roll: The path was good for for most of the hike but it could be rather treacherous during bad weather and some good navigational skills would be needed between Munro 1 and Munro 2. But all in all this was a good wee day out and to give you a confidence boost of bagging 3 in the one day even if you do know that they are easy 😂😂