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wet wet wet part1

PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:59 am
by scotdavid63
So, had a couple of days off and the boy's exams are done so the prelims/study/exam walking ban had been lifted. Weather forecast for this day had been good earlier in the week so planned to do this one and then onto Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain.
First thing to say, the paths are all either rebuilt near Achlean so follow the signs and not the OS Maps or route guides.
Second, taking a bike over the big ford half way to Carnachuin is a bit of an effort. Further on there is plenty of erosion and the path is gone just after the forestry section nearing Carnachuin. We were on the Achlean side the whole way and parked the bikes in the forestry section, that was fairly smart looking back. 4.9km to there so you're cutting the walking part to around 12km.
There's a stack of construction going on, machinery here there and sometimes everywhere, to what end is not clear but the old bridge is still down so the machines get in somehow or another. Apparently the bothy just past Carnachuin (Achlean side) is really excellent according to a few other walkers that we met.
The landrover track is a breeze the whole way although steep at the start after such a benign walk in. Track splits, turn right then there's a mini cairn with a path to the top. Could see the square root of FA at the top so no photos worth sharing and it basically rained and rained and rained.

Re: wet wet wet part1

PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:00 pm
by gaffr
Hello...I guess that I have been a voice crying in the wilderness over the route of the improved path :)
The upgraded path is grand up to here, well apart from one section that has been re-directed, above the land rover bridge that was scraped out too near to the old bank of the Feshie and was totally trashed during earlier big rains.
Both of the OS maps for here show the original path that crosses the Burn well away from all the stuff near to the confluence with the river Feshie. Far easier even for a cycle to cross at the narrow part that the old path takes you to.
Waste of money spent on this part of the improved path when it could have easily been used to up grade the old path.
I also would guess that with the rainfall of this week maybe a bit of an effort to cross at the wide part of the burn?