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Scorchio at Loch Quoich

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:00 pm
by katyhills
The forecast was looking terrific for a few days in the north west, so I decided to head up to do a couple of single Munros at Loch Quoich [knees permitting] while the going was good.
The going was indeed very good. Long drive, four hours, but very enjoyable, and was parked up and ready to go at half ten. The stalker track for Sgurr a'Mhaoraich is easy to find, five or ten minutes along the road from the parking area at the bridge.
Hot work, so I took it easy, and an hour in, the views were already splendid. Looking back across to Gairich
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 003 (640x480).jpg

The path is excellent, so no need to do anything other than keep heading up, keep stopping to admire the scenery, and keep hydrated. :wink:
The summit comes into view a couple of hours in
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 006 (640x480).jpg

and it's a very pleasant ridge walk from there, over the lumps and bumps of Sgurr Coire nan Eiricheallach, and looking back to see Gleouraich just poking it's head up, and the hills of the South Glenshiel Ridge
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 004 (640x169).jpg

The crags around the approach to the summit are sharply defined
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 034 (640x468).jpg

but they pose no real problem, and it's straightforward up and round the final little push to the summit trig, where any remaining breath is taken away by the 360 degree views. What's not to like?
Summit view
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 022 (640x166).jpg

I spent a good bit of time wandering around the summit, taking it all in, and feeling ridiculously emotional at the glorious landscape. Fabulous hills in every direction, Skye was slightly obscured by the light cloud and haze, but the mighty Ladhar Bheinn was clear, standing guard over Loch Hourn.
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 026 (640x480).jpg

Gleouraich and Spidean Malach looked stunning in the late afternoon light
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 020 (640x475).jpg

Eventually, I wandered back down the same way, still stopping regularly to take photos. I loved the way the north east ridge of Gairich echoed the shape of Nevis in the distance.
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 032 (640x595).jpg

Plenty of wildlife around too. I narrowly missed a little frog
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 036 (640x480).jpg

Back near the car, the stonechat was very noisy
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 047 (640x480).jpg

and it was a 'sing off' with his pal :D
2019-06-26 001 2019-06-26 043 (640x584).jpg

Unfortunately, my knees were problematic on the way back down, so had to give the following day a miss, and I had unevenly burnt arms, but it couldn't detract from a great day out :D