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Sgurr Mor and its "wee pal"

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:29 pm
by Coop
Drove along the "road" enjoying a few stops to view the sunset. Wasnt much traffic coming my way at this time of night but the glare was taken into account a few times. No rush
Parked up - slept in the motor - up early,
Breakfast- a weetabix protein drink, porridge bar and a bottle of juice.
Another lad tipped up at this point - he was heading for the trio, as were a couple I spoke to in the parking area the night before
Off I go, ten past 6
Reasons to go to Sgurr Mor:

Not the rollercoaster and blind summits on the road to the parking at the end of Loch Arkaig
Nor the pass ; or the pathless descent to the River Kingie( dry crossing today)
Nor the midges, clegs or other moth type things
Nor was it for the pathless steep ascent up to the ridgeline.
Nor the inversion in the glen which was good to have this morning
Nor for the jaunt up Sgurr sn Fhuarain and the views down to loch Quoich and the munros on the other side

For the views alone from the summit cairn of the Sgurr na Ciche Munros and beyond. Get a clear day like today and this reason alone will spur you on

Tough day today

Ps - Go slow and take care on the road