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Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime

PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:03 pm
by Johnoneill1916
Started off at 0630 from Succoth car park on a dreich morning with Froach. Headed up the Coire a'Bhalachain path taking a right after a couple of hundred yards making a Bee line up through the woods towards Narnain. I think I walked up the burn for most of the way through the smirry rain. The rain soon stopped and I was soon clear of the trees with reasonable views of Arrochar and Loch Long. The path was reasonable for most of the way despite the weather which by now was pretty good although visibilty went from a couple of hundred feet to perfect in the space of a few minutes :crazy:

P1510668_stitch (2).jpg

Arrochar and Loch Long


The next challenge looming


I'd smile too with that view :lol:

This was pretty much a constant climb all the way with only one descent before the final section. There was a wee bit of light scrambling here and there but the dogs four legs were for quicker than my two :lol: It wasn't long before I was at the top and a wee 5 minutes for photos and a snack :)

P1510703 (3).JPG

At the top of Beinn Narnain

Started the descent down towards the bealach and along the path to Beinn Ime. Once through the gate the ascent began. This was boggy for most of the way. It was about halfway up that I met the first person of the day. There was a lot of restoration works going on here and things are starting to take shape.

P1510724 (2).JPG

At the top of Beinn Ime

P1510728 (2).JPG

Unfortunately I couldn't see anyone to push me down


The Cobbler


The hills on the far side of Loch Long

After another quick break at the top the descent began down through the bog and I only fell on my arse twice :lol: Soon we were back at the gate and onto the good dry path. The return was back down the Coire a'Bhalachain path. From the turn off for the North path to for the Cobbler to the carpark was mobbed and passed well in excess of 100 people. This was way too busy for my liking so when I get round to doing the Cobbler it will be a very early start and dog free :roll: The path all the way down was great and its easy to understand its popularity. Another great walk in the Scottish hills! :D