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Am Faochagach

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:48 pm
by David Lyall
Second day of walking with Iain from our base at Ullapool.
Am Faochagach Ullapool.jpg
Parked at the side of the road ready for a boggy start to the days walking

After yesterday my right knee was very sore tendon at the side giving me sharp pain so I was a bit worried about managing to the top and back, but we took our time and completed walk. From the car park the start is boggy and further on a difficult river crossing I managed to cross by jumping from rock to rock and stayed dry, Iain was more cautious and went up stream and waded across then changed his socks which worked out ok.
Am Faochagach Ullapool 1.jpg
After a boggy start to the walk we had a river crossing I managed across with a bit of a jump mid stream Iain ended up trying his luck up stream walking through shallow water then changing his socks.

Like yesterday the cloud lifted as we walked up and we had fine views over to Bheinn Dearg and An Teallach.
Am Faochagach Ullapool 2.jpg
top of Am Faochagach very flat, with great views across to Beinn Dearg

Am Faochagach Ullapool 3.jpg
heading down of the top very impressive views of Beinn Dearg

The walk down was long and we had a couple of stops my shoulders became very sore I will need to try and reposition the straps tomorrow and avoid the discomfort.
Then it was back to the youth hostel to make our tea, lots of new people in all sorts of nationalities. Ullapool is getting decked out for a festival at the weekend bunting and a large marquee have been erected today.
Ullapool 3.jpg
View from the Youth Hostel towards the pier where they were getting ready for a music festival at the weekend, traffic through the night was quite loud.