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Back to Glen Trool

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:19 pm
by Coop
Read another walk report which showed a different route and I was all set to go that way until the last minute, and then never. Should have gone with my instinct but turned right and parked at Caldrons
Tough going initially due to being attacked by geese at the house, then the ferns, bogs swamps, fallen trees and de- forested area!!!
Soaked from the waist down by the time I finally emerged from the trees.
I wont go on about the 3 hills as it's a fairly decent straightforward walk/ ridge.
The start - once you eventually emerge from the overgrown fern "path" , dont go through the big gate on your left. Theres a clearing on your right which has a " no entry due to logging/tree felling" sign . Take the next small clearing and a kinda path . Basically staying with the stream on your left most of the way. I wouldn't be tempted to go through the firebreak later on. Keep the wall on your right and stream on the left . Good luck with the bracken, sodden wet ground, fallen trees and thats before the swamp thatx been left by the deforestation . The wall goes over the stream a few times and eventually your on open hillside. I crossed the stream and left the wall and I headed up towards larg hill 1st- a lot easier/quicker than it looks as you get closer.
Back down and up over larnachan hill and the impressive wee Curleywee.
Now the descent from there. Yep- north at 1st then head left/west, bearing in mind the crags you dont want to go over. And the the track your aiming for comes into view - bingo - wayhey.
Wrong- one of the worst descents I've had . High grass, tussock, holes everywhere, underground streams everywhere. Went over/ down a few times. Take your time till you reach the track. Your ankles will thank you for it
And a fairly long walk back. I stayed on the north side of the loch - mainly to visit The Bruce's stone again- and the fact that I wanted a dry walk back You could cut a bit off by staying on the south side
My advice - wait until theres been 6 months of No rain to go up here - that ain't gonna happen😁
So choose your route wisely

"There is a mist coming and going upon Curleywee. Larnachan hides his head" :wink:

Ascent is a rough estimate