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Steele's Knowe from the north

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:55 pm
by McMole
The most exciting bit of the day - for me at least - was meeting an articulated lorry coming towards me on a single-track road without passing places as it rounded an uphill Z-bend. Thar required a 100m reverse to find a field entrance large enough to allow the artic to pass. After that it was smooth going to a parking spot just before the 'NO PARKING FARM ACCESS ONLY' notice on the track a few metres before the turning to Coulshill Farm with its twin wind turbines.
Steeles Knowe route ss.gif
Parked completely off the road we walked along a good track beside fenced off herds of cattle until after 1.1km it swung to the south to climb up towards Green Hill.
P1030881 s.JPG
The track swings to the south and climbs to the col and the wind farm
At this point Jaywizz realised that fences no longer separated us from more cattle.
P1030882 s.JPG
Happy to be ignored by the cattle
They were a hundred metres or more off to our left and completely ignored us. We were soon up to the the ridge then east to the summit of Green Hill.
P1030884 s.JPG
Heading for Green Law's summit along an ATV track
P1030885 s.JPG
Jaywizz on Green Law's summit with Green Knowes Wind Farm beyond.
P1030890 s.JPG
Auchterarder in the distance
Just to the south the crumpled remains of a 1983 Suzuki Jimni SJ40V four wheel drive mini SUV lay on the other side of the fence.
P1030891 s.JPG
The crumpled Suzuki Jimni
Back at the col we contoured round to join the wind farm road and follow it to near the top of Steele's Knowe where we stopped by the last turbine for a snack before the final few hundred metres to its trig point.
P1030898 s.JPG
This had a painted rock on top of it which later sparked six pages of comment in the WH forum!
P1030895 s.JPG
The painted rock on the trig point
From there it was all downhill back to our start point with a few fence crossings to stay on the opposite side of fences from cattle.
P1030900 s.JPG
Coulshill with its twin wind turbines and Muckle Law behind
P1030899 s.JPG
The cars awaits us with only one field more to cross, but not that one!
A fine walk and more interesting that my first ascent of Steele's Knowe which was up and down the wind farm track. On the drive back I took the direct route into Auchterarder to minimise the chance of meeting more artics on narrow lanes. It worked!