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Meikle Bin from Carron Valley Reservoir

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:28 pm
by U059361
Followed the walk described in 100 Hill Walks Around Glasgow by John Chalmers.
Parked at Fintry end of reservoir after negotiating the B818 which resembled a WWI battlefield the potholes are so numerous on certain stretches.
The car park is big and both sides of road can now be used, thanks to widening for construction of windfarm. Folk still do their best to fill it up by parking all over the place. Sorry, rant finished.
Its a simple walk in following a forestry track. Ignore two turn offs and cross Carron River. Take the right track going up hill and continue right at next junction. Slow and steady climb through trees, but open enough for a few views.
On reaching the lower slope of Meikle Bin there is a well worn path on left cutting up through the trees to open ground of climb up Meikle Bin. Continue up to top.
Book says you can continue over top and down the other side to pick up the forest track back to car park. We had stated late after lunch, so just retraced our steps back to carpark. It is the most direct route
It was a cloudy day with bouts of low cloud and attempted rain and occasional break in clouds. Made for an atmospheric walk as reflected in these pictures.