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Wether Law circuit

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:16 pm
by Robertgee

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It seems most folk climb Wether Law from Halmyre or Romannobridge, so I thought I'd write about the great circuit starting at the entrance to Cloich Forest. There's room for three or four cars at the end of the public road west northwest of Shiplaw.

01-Cloich Forest.jpg
Starting point at Cloich Forest

From here good forest roads lead to the densely forested Cloich Hills.

08-Sunrise over the Moorfoot Hills.jpg
Sunrise over the Moorfoot Hills

15-Cloich Hills.jpg
Cloich Hills

23-Track through the Cloich Hills.jpg
Forest track through the Cloich Hills

From here a narrow forest ride gently climbs west northwest through the trees, to give access to the open hill northeast of Wether Law summit.

25-Start of forest ride to Wether Law.jpg
Start of forest ride starts up there above this small quary

28-Forest ride to Wether Law.jpg
Forest ride

30-Forest ride to Wether Law.jpg
Gets a little wider further on

From here to the summit the going is quite rough, and also requires getting over a wall with barbed wire. Best way I used, was get over wall to the right of the junction of walls, ie. the one with no barbed wire. Then follow alongside another wall, with barbed wire, till you reach a low part. Easy over here, but then you must climb fence with the barbed wire on top. Sounds like an assault course, but it is doable. :D

36-Wether Law.jpg
Wether Law

45-Wether Law summit.jpg

48-Manor Hills and Broughton Hills from Wether Law.jpg
Great views from here. Towards the Manor and Broughton Hills

49-Black Mount from Wether Law.jpg
Black Mount in the distance

51-West Linton and the Pentland Hills from Wether Law.jpg
West Linton and the Pentland Hills

From the summit a longer return is to follow a nice quad track over Hag Law and Green Knowe, to join the Cross Borders Drove Road. A good path that leads back into the forest to join a forest road, taking you back to the start.

60-Ridge to Hag Law.jpg
Continuing along ridge to Hag Law

76-Hag Law and Wether Law from Green Knowe.jpg
Hag Law and Wether Law from Green Knowe

79-Route down from Green Knowe.jpg
Route down from Green Knowe

83-Cloich Forest.jpg
On the Cross Borders Drove Road heading back to Cloich Forest

87-Cross Borders Drove Road.jpg
Cross Borders Drove Road

90-Cloich Forest.jpg
Cloich Forest

115-Moorfoot Hills.jpg
View to the Moorfoot Hills from near Cloich Farm

Enjoy the walk, it's another good day out. :clap:

Re: Wether Law circuit

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:57 pm
by PeteR
I thought this looked familiar.....I did the hill from the same starting point as yourself. Definitely a good route. In descent I chose a dodgy fire break, that dumped me in a mass of head high bracken close to the track. Not uncommon for me though, as I do like to make some of descents more challenging than they might otherwise need to be :lol:

Looks very nice with a covering of snow, for sure :D