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Slow and slippery on Largo Law

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:55 pm
by denfinella
We'd seen Largo Law across the Forth on numerous occasions over the past year, and had driven past the foot of the hill a few times on the way to the East Neuk. But we'd never actually stopped to climb it... time to put that right.

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We parked at Upper Largo cemetery and followed a track for the first half mile to Chesterstone Farm. The temperature was only just above freezing but the sun was quickly thawing the overnight frost, exposing some pretty muddy spots underneath - we were glad to have proper boots on.



After scooting around the side of the farm, the steep southern face of the hill loomed large ahead. The photos below are deceptive: it's a very steep and slippery climb to the first (lower) top, though the views looking back were more than worth it.






Looking past Craig Rock from the southern top:


The northern top is the true summit, separated by a shallow depression with a rather wobbly stile. View towards the north top:





View of the hill from the village:


Re: Slow and slippery on Largo Law

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:05 pm
by Sgurr
Really think they should have mended that stile by now (but I don't know who THEY are. Fife used to have a footpath officer, the Mum of one of my Saturday staff ages ago, but no longer.) Been like that for at least 3 years. Don't think you were at all slow given the fact that you HAVE to go through the gorse bushes the same way as everyone else and there is always mud there at this time of year. Took me 1 hr 30 in snow 3 years ago and 1 hour 40 this year (older and slower). You got some lovely photos.

Re: Slow and slippery on Largo Law

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:59 pm
by denfinella
Thanks Sgurr. Stile added a bit of interest :wink:

1 hr 30 was an estimate based on the time between my first and last photos (and adding a bit) - it might have been closer to 2 hrs, I can't be sure.