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Monamenach with mates

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:58 pm
by Alfachick
Much to my surprise a few of my friends from down south were still up the road last weekend and had enquired about going out for a wee walk somewhere pretty. I suggested a couple of corbetts to them as I felt the munro tops would be a bit miserable as it was forecast to be pretty windy. I also perhaps suggested a hill in Angus that would tie in well with my new years resolution to finish all the angus hills off... So that was how we found ourselves in Glen Isla at around 1130 on a Sunday morning.

We followed the walkhighlands short route to bag this hill and it was great. Although it was only a short walk for us it was a perfect winter warmer walk. Again I realised how carrying so much extra weight on me is crap on the uphill sections, and that I might have exercise induced asthma... Will have to get that checked out.

We parked down at the bridge just after you think the road runs out, and then followed the track up to the belach between this hill and its neighbour Creagan Caise Hill. Then we turned right onto an obvious path which took us to the top. Although we had had amazing views down Glen Isla whilst on the track the views at the top were spectacular. It was quite interesting seeing the back of the hills that are known so well around Glenshee. We could also see Mayar and Dreish over to the East, and had fab views South over Perthshire. Lots of pointing and pontificating about which hills were which and when we could perhaps go up them. One of my mates was very keen to get the map out and figure out how all the glens could be linked up on an epic bike ride.

We didnt hang around too long on the top as it was bitterly cold with the wind chill, so we went down off the hill back to the track and found a nice spot to chow down on our sandwiches and in some cases doughnuts! Then a quick trot back to the car and that was that.

Another great day out with friends on the Scottish hills. Love it.

IMG_5400 (1).jpeg
Glen Isla looking golden

Panorama from the summit looking Northish

c0c5d012-7999-4a0d-aa76-079ce0696be2 (1).jpeg
Looking South at Mount Blair from near the summit

Looking East from around half way up the track

Brutus on the top