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Torlum torlum torlum tolumtolum

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:18 pm
by Tam Collie
I rather wanted a walk where we could get some views having struck out yesterday so we were off again, somewhere local with no long drives and a little lower to make the going easier.

Torlum is not a hill that I'd heard of before, don't know why as I'm sure it's a popular hill for the folk local to Crieff, but it was new to me and I was looking forward to a pleasant stroll in the woods.

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We parked in the entrance to the forest track by the locked gate and jumped over the fence (sic: not hefted this time) and headed West along a well surfaced road to a fork.

Now here you can turn right or left, we turned right and while both tracks rejoin later on, I would recommend the left one. The right one finds it's way through the Crieff Clay Pidgeon shooting range and the unpleasantness of what looks like a squatters camp. Should the shooting be active you wouldn't go this way anyway but really I can't believe the estate condones what I consider to be an appalling mess. Anyway soon past and on through the woods noting a truly massive old oak as we did so.
Woodland track

Keeping on this track brings you around to the other branch but just before a smaller track breaks off right and back tracks up the side of the hill.

Past an area of cleared woods and onto the top slopes where views east over Crieff unfold.
and the top is soon reached.


Great views from here and we tried to pick out where we had been yesterday

The descent was via a worn path to the forest track, but rather than follow this we opted for a mountain bike track through the trees, steep in places and somewhat muddy but with a curious added sense of adventure. It exited the woods by the junction of the track that cut back from the main one.

A pleasant wander through the woods down to the car was all that was left though we did past one or two oak trees, greyed with old mans beard a remnant of a older forest.

It's always time well spent whiling away a pleasant hour or so rambling up a new hill. Looking forward to the next one already!