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Following paths and cycle trails into Feshie.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:43 am
by gaffr
I was down to leave an order for a weekly fish delivery close to the B road.
Had the bike and easily got carried away towards a longer journey on the bike....following the cycle track beside the A9 got me on my way....a bit on the road to get me to the many old paths through the plantations to connect up with the West Glen Feshie minor road.
The cycle track beside the A9....I am glad that I was not passing when the wreckage took place.
On the path out from near to Feshie bridge with Creag Dubh in the distance.
Now on a path system that would get me to the minor road into Glen Feshie.
The minor road and cycle track to reach the area of Uath Lochan.
Bridge over the Feshie with Coire Garbhlach.

No vehicles in any of the parking up places on either side of the Feshie ....the only folks (in vehicles) that I met up with were the were the rubbish collection truck and the post van which was a huge difference from exactly a week ago.
Good to see that the Spring birds here from mainly near to the coast for reproduction....Oystercathers, Curlew, and less welcome the Black-headed Gulls. As yet, well I haven't seen any, no Lapwings and the Herons are now sitting on the old nests at the tops of the Noble Firs.

Re: Following paths and cycle trails into Feshie.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:54 pm
by Sunset tripper
Great stuff Gaffr.

That crash barrier didn't look up to the task :shock:

P.S. I saw plenty of lapwings (I think) down in Dalwhinnie last week.
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