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On a quest to find the Kielder Stone (part 2)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:02 pm
by Robertgee
The Kielder Stone is a huge sandstone boulder located on the Scotland England border in the Cheviot Hills and is estimated to be around 1500 tons in weight. It is 26 feet high, 50 feet long and 30 feet across, and was used as a post box during the border wars. In those tempestuous times it wasn't wise to be caught on the wrong side of the border, so messages were left in the cracks and crevices of the stone for later collection.

This is part 2 of a 2 part trip to find the Kielder Stone. For part 1 click here

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My second attempt to reach the Kielder Stone started over the border in England, just beyond Deadwater Farm, where there’s a layby to park. It was then a case of following forest roads up onto Deadwater Fell, with its array of towers, beacons and a trig point. Again, this walk started quite misty, so no views from here.

12-Start of the climb to Deadwater Fell.jpg
The route through Deadwater Forest

14-Deadwater Fell summit.jpg
The uninspiring Deadwater Fell summit trig

Next it was a faint boggy path over Deadwater Moor to Mid Fell, and along to the next hill, Peel Fell.

20-On the path to Mid Fell.jpg
Starting along over Deadwater Moor to Mid Fell

26-Mid Fell summit cairn.jpg
Mid Fell summit cairn

32-Deadwater Fell from Mid Fell.jpg
Deadwater Fell from Mid Fell

35-Peel Fell from Mid Fell.jpg
Next summit, Peel Fell from Mid Fell

The path along here had the occasional way marker post and the walking was pretty easy. From Peel Fell a signed right turn followed the line of the Scottish English border, marked by the occasional rotting fence post.

38-Spur path to the Kielder Stone, Peel Fell.jpg
Start of path to Kielder Stone from Peel Fell

42-Over Kielderhead Moor to Carter Fell.jpg
Following the remains of the border fence to the Kielder Stone

It’s quite a long decent, but the Kielder Stone soon comes into view. :)

46-Kielder Stone.jpg
First view of the stone. My original (abandoned) route would have taken me up this valley from the trees far below

54-Kielder Stone.jpg
Kielder stone

58-Kielder Stone.jpg
Kielder Stone

After my lunch break, I climbed back up to Peel Fell to enjoy the ever improving views over the Cheviot hills.

63-Peel Fell summit.jpg
Peel Fell summit cairn

66-Deadwater Fell from Peel Fell.jpg
Deadwater Fell from Peel Fell

The return from here was to follow a nice little path along the line of the border down to the forest at Rushy Knowe, again some marker posts marking the way. There’s a nice crag, similar to that at Carlin Tooth, at Jenny Storie's Stone, giving excellent views across the Scottish Borders. :clap:

75-Wauchope Forest.jpg
Wauchope Forest and the Scottish Borders from Jenny Storie's Stone

76-Jenny Stories Stone.jpg
Jenny Storie's Stone

83-Wauchope Forest.jpg
On the way down to Rushy Knowe

88-Path to Rushy Knowe.jpg
Path to Rushy Knowe

92-Path through the forest to Rushy Knowe.jpg
Path through the forest to Rushy Knowe

From Rushy Knowe, a path cuts left to join the forest roads through Deadwater Forest back to my start.

96-Deadwater Forest.jpg
Forest road back to my starting place

So finally after starting this journey more than 6 months earlier, I have now "discovered" the Kielder Stone. 8)