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Finally 100 and Stuc a Chroin at Loooooong Last

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:05 pm
by nathan79
Never got around to writing a report for this last year, though I'm still working throughout the current status of society I've got 6 days in between shifts to fill. Perfect time for an overdue walk report.

My Munro count had been sitting in the 90s for the last couple of years. I thought I had the perfect hill pair for 99 and 100 on An Teallach for Spiderwebb's compleation in 2018. On getting home and tallying up, they had in fact been numbers 98 and 99! :(

A lovely sunny may in 2019 had me pondering a target for the ton. I settled for Stuc a Chroin. I'd been up Ben Vorlich twice, summiting on the second try, and I'd ticked off Beinn Each on a cold November morning.
Given the time of year I didn't need (or want) to rush out early so arrived at the parking spot by Loch Earn at noon, a few cars there despite it being a Tuesday . A hot, dry day plus a route I knew wasn't too bad for vegetation and ticks meant I reached for the shorts rather than trousers and the jacket got stuffed in the rucksack.

In no rush whatsoever, I was happy to bimble on, distracted by lambs, beetles and views as I made my way up.
Dor beetle heading for a bounty

Looking back to Loch Earn and the Lawers range.

I met most of the other Tuesday walkers on my way up, giving good hopes of getting summits to myself. Stopped for a snack and rest. Pausing before the final pull up to Ben Vorlich, the point at which I'd sensibly admitted defeat on my first visit here due to ice and snow on the ground with no crampons or axe in my gear cupboard back then.

Almost atop Vorlich

Lovely conditions up top. It had taken me almost 3 hours. Last time I was around this side I'd been car-summit-car in 3.5 hours, motivated by a good level of hill fitness and oncoming dark clouds. I didn't care though. Great views and some snowpatches to stomp in.

Ben Vorlich trig point

P5141794_stitch 2.jpg
Ben Vorlich summit pano

By now I was kind of regretting not only the later start, but the decision to repeat Vorlich first. Despite the shorts it was absolutely sweltering with not much of a breeze and I'm not lover of the heat. Ah well, as the saying goes you've made your bed now lie-in it. Time for some descent.
Next part of the route.

At least I had some much needed shade to look forward to!

Arriving at the foot of the scrambly territory of Stuc a Chroin, despite a bunch of notes on it I couldn't pick out the scramble route so had to settle for heading around it and up a gully. Satisfying to get that bit done and with little more ascent to do, I didn't mind being back in the glare of the sun.
Back over to Vorlich

After all the toil and sweat is was a sweet feeling reaching summit number 100. I'd passed the last person I'd see that day making his way back from the summit as I was heading to it, perfect timing. Posed for some pics then some scran and taking in the views. 17:45 and still plenty of daylight left for the long descent back to the car.
Smiling for the ton.

Stuc a Chroin summit as Ben Vorlich lurks in the background.

Great views north on the way back.

Happy to get down the steep slope off Stuc a Chroin, the knees were glad. A fairly long slog now, and though it had been a dry and warm day the ground across the corrie was still sodden. but I managed to stay clean.

It was nice to have a small welcoming committee as I got close to the car. They weren't too talkative though.

Stuc a Chroin 14.5.19.jpg

Blissfully happy to get back to the car. Much needed hydration gulped down, so glad to soak both boots and feet in the chilly waters of Loch Earn as the sun was starting to dip lower.


Satisfied with my day and my milestone, I headed back home. 100 done at last. I'm in no rush for the next 100. I don't ever intend on compleating, I'll just be happy to get out there on/in/around whatever. Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, sub-2000s, grassy pimples, sprawling glens, it doesn't matter what it is. It'll just be nice to be out and about.

Re: Finally 100 and Stuc a Chroin at Loooooong Last

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:13 pm
by LoveWalking
Looks like you had a perfect day for your milestone. I climbed Vorlich in the clag and saw nothing at the top. Seeing what I missed makes me think I'll have to return one day.