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Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannock via Bachnagairn

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:39 pm
by KatTai

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Another two Munro's for Zena - Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch! Last time I did a circuit with Moss from Glen Doll ascending via Fafernie and descending by Bachnagairn but today we just did a straight there and back via Bachnagairn, somewhere that always seems to be overlooked but is one of my favourite places in Angus. The car park at Glen Doll was busy but on our route we didn't see anyone until on the track around the Munros, everyone seemed to be going the other way up to Corrie Fee and Jock's Road so we had our route following the River South Esk all to ourselves. It's a simple route on good tracks all the way, following the river all the way to Bachnagairn with its forest and waterfalls tucked away at the head of the glen. The climb up and down from Bachnagairn is aided in places by steps and there are more steps on the way up towards Broad Cairn where there is a boulder field to navigate and somewhere among the boulders I lost my camera lens cap :( . From Broad Cairn to Cairn Bannoch only took around 35-40 minutes the ascent of Cairn Bannoch much easier, though standing at the summit was a bit more difficult so it was a quick photo and we dropped down out of the wind and rain. Pretty much as soon as we found somewhere for a break, the rain stopped and the sun came back out. There were great views across to Lochnagar - which is on the to-do list (I have done it before but not with Moss and Zena) and down to Loch Muick. It was a great walk in a mix of sunshine and showers. I took far too many photos, but not really got a lot to say about the route itself so I'll leave them to do the talking :lol:

Moss posing

The 'new' bridge over the river that replaced one that was washed away. Not really new any more I guess!

Approaching Bachnagairn

In Bachnagairn forest, there is a bridge over the waterfalls crossing to the track to head up the other side of the glen.


Moss looking down from the zig-zag track that makes the ascent up the side of the glen a bit easier.

Good paths and tracks all the way! Broad Cairn in the background.

Steps make the ascent/descent easier in a number of places.

Looking down to Loch Muick from Broad Cairn

Broad Cairn - Munro number 4 for Zena!

Froggy first spotted by Zena between Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch.

Approaching Cairn Bannoch

It was rainy and windy at the summit of Cairn Bannoch so just a quick photo and we retreated out of the wind for a spot of lunch.

Heading back towards Broad Cairn.

Ptarmigan spotted at Broad Cairn

The girls posing with Loch Muick in the background

Zena looking across to Lochnagar, Moss hasn't done this one either so will hopefully be a new one for both girls soon!

Heading back down to Bachnagairn

Tree on the way down

Bachnagairn falls

It was raining when we went through Bachnagairn the first time, on the way back though the sun was out and so was the camera!

Leaving Bachnagairn

On the last leg of the walk!

Spotted a few pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies and on the last bit of the walk one finally landed and I could get a photo.

No we are not taking that home!

Re: Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannock via Bachnagairn

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:35 pm
by LoveWalking
Lovely photos and I like the look of that route :D